In Memory of Mary Jo Young

Where do your donations go?

We thought that we would dedicate this page so we can keep everyone up to date with what we do with the money that we raise each year. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, you know that we started our first golf outing in June 2000 with 54 golfers and about 30 picnickers. We raised enough money to pay for the food, prizes and all the particulars. We donated the rest to the American Cancer Society. Our donation the first year was about $1500 and has continued to grow.

  • June 2001, we had 76 golfers and 35 picnickers and raised about $3500 which was donated to the American Cancer Society.
  • June 2002, we had 98 golfers and 40 picnickers. We established the MJY Memorial Scholarship Fund and gave two $1000 scholarships to Bordentown students. We also donated $100 to Anchor House, and approximately $3000 to the American Cancer Society..
  • June 2003, we had 109 golfers and 45 picnickers. We gave three $1000 scholarships to Bordentown students, donated $250 to Anchor House and donated $1000 to Homefront (helping families break the cycle of poverty). There is a plaque dedicated to the memory of Mary Jo Young on the outside of a room which houses a single mom and her children. The donation is used to supply new linens, towels and curtains. We also donated $7000 to Susan G. Komen’s NJ RACE FOR THE CURE where we walked as a team called MJSBUDDIES. With the additional pledges from the team members, we donated over $8000 as a team..
  • June 2004, we had 108 golfers and 30 or so picnickers. We gave two scholarships to Bordentown High School students and donated $5500 to Susan G. Komen. With the additional pledges from the team members, we donated thousands more the NJ RACE FOR THE CURE as a team. We also donated $1500 to Homefront, a local organization for homeless single mom’s and their children. Just like last year, the plaque dedicated to Mary Jo still remains outside a room which houses a small family with supplies until they are able to find a home of their own. In addition, we donated $250 to Anchor House and $300 to the MS ride in September. The Chinese Auction was once again a success, thanks to many of you who donated a basket and of course all of you who dug into their pockets to buy tickets. Without your continued support none of this would be possible and we thank you for joining us every year in Celebrating the Life of Mary Jo. She will always be in our hearts and looking around on the day of the outing every year makes us realize all over again just how many lives she touched. We look forward to seeing you in 2005.

We were able to accomplish this through your dedicated support and participation. Thank you for helping us remember and honor Mary Jo. Though some of you may never have had the opportunity to meet Mary Jo, we hope through our Celebration of Life that her spirit has touched you and her memory continues to live on through all of us.